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We seek life-experience memoirs from those who wish to pass on their stories and memories to the next generation.

We offer complete low-cost writing and editing services for the non-writer.

Our professional team of award-winning and published authors and writers will work with you on every step of your memoir....(read more)

Express yourself through visual, artistic and audio stories that will last for generations to come.

A memory lingered or a voice unheard can be preserved and passed along.

Complete your publishing with graphic design for your book cover, interior design or even a video to supplement your writing and memoirs with a well-rounded legacy.

Me and Leonardo by Stuart da Bronx
Talespinner Press is pleased to announce the June 2018 publication of "Me and Leonardo by Stuart da Bronx." An eclectic collection of short stories (some true) based on Stuart Reininger's experiences at sea and in the south of Italy.

Reininger a Master Mariner and author of five books ranging ...(read more)

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