We seek life-experience memoirs from those who wish to pass on their stories and memories to the next generation.

We offer complete low-cost writing and editing services for the non-writer.

Our professional team of award-winning and published authors and writers will work with you on every step of your memoir.

If you prefer not to write your story but tell it; we will:

  • Conduct interviews, by telephone or in person

  • Provide manuscripts, edit and rewrite for final client satisfaction

  • Furnish complete works up to and including book length

  • We can furnish every aspect of the publishing experience, from writing and editing to design and publication. 

  • Video services are also available.

  • All services are "stand alone." We charge and bill by the service. There are no contracts or hidden fees. 

"You've lived an amazing let your stories take wings and soar and leave a lasting impression with your thoughts expressed through words."

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